In over 100 years of business, we have built up a solid core of relationships and trust

Banca del Piemonte was established in 1912 in Turin as Banca Fondiaria Italiana, by a number of leading well-established families of Turin.

In 1925 the Bank was renamed Banca Anonima di Credito: before long it started to expand under the guidance of Camillo Venesio (1900/1983).

In 1947, Camillo Venesio also founded Banca di Casale e del Monferrato in his hometown, Casale. He subsequently played a leading role in determining the bank’s first significant developments and successes, establishing privileged relationships with customers by a simple, fast and efficient style of business.

Vittorio Venesio, son of Camillo, completed the merger of the two banks (Banca Anonima di Credito and Banca di Casale e del Monferrato) in 1978, founding Banca del Piemonte.

Camillo Venesio, the third generation of the founding family, is currently CEO and General Manager of Banca del Piemonte. He now leads development and expansion of the bank, maintaining its original characteristics of complete independence, financial viability and strong links with the territory.

From 1983 onwards, he has carried out a highly successful strategy, confirmed by the figures: total customer funds and assets under management, Shareholders’ equity, number of employees and branches have significantly increased.

In 2012 Banca del Piemonte accomplished 100 years, a crucial goal, achieved in accordance with its historic values and principles: independence, transparency and strong connection with territory.

To celebrate the centenary, Alessandro Perissinotto wrote the novel “Lo sguardo oltre l’orizzonte”, in which the author narrates the history of the bank from the postwar period (1947-1955) and its growth during the years.

The book is available for free in every branch of Banca del Piemonte.

The words of the Managing Director and General Manager Camillo Venesio


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